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Let our family treat you like family!
3 Generations - Our 10th decade


3 Generations of personal service...
Let our family treat YOU like family! 


Bornstein Sons provides Fast Replacement of Your Water Heater


Replace your water heater before it bursts. Contact Bornstein Sons today

Need a water heater repair?

Our trained techs can determine if your water heater needs a repair or is ready to be replaced. 

Bornstein Sons can replace your leaking or 'past its prime' water heater quickly! 

If you've determined that your water heater is starting to show signs that it's reached the end of it's useful 'life', Bornstein Sons is ready to help.

We often advise our customers to avoid the flood and terrible inconvenience that a burst water heater creates, by replacing a water heater before it leaks. 

Here are warning signs that your water heater needs replacement: 

  • You notice water on the floor near the heater 
  • You hear a “popping or cracking noise”
  • You run out of hot water sooner than usual, or your hot water has a rusty appearance

One or more of these warning signs indicates that your water heater will need replacement. We strongly suggest that you consider replacement of your water heater before the glass lined tank bursts. 

If you are not at home when this happens, water will continually feed into the water and flood the area of your home. If this is finished space or if you store important items in this room, it's likely the result is disastrous.


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