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Bornstein Sons offers Generator Maintenance Contracts
for Generac, Siemens, Honeywell, Centurion and Eaton Generators.

Maintenance for your generator is extremely important!

You made a very smart decision to install an Emergency Standby Backup Generator to power your home.  
Your comfortable knowing you'll be protected in the event of a power outage.

But, your generator must be serviced regularly and not ignored. 

Bornstein Sons offers maintenance contracts for the following generators:


Bornstein Sons maintains, services and repairs Honeywell Generators.
Bornstein Sons repairs Eaton Generators
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Bornstsein Sons provides repairs, maintenance and service for Siemends Generators    
Bornstein Sons provides maintenance and service for Centurion Generators



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  • Your generator must be maintained by a certified tech to insure it's proper operation.
  • Bornstein Sons offers maintenance contracts for and is certified to perform general maintenance and warranty service and repairs for Generac, Honeywell, Eaton, Centurion and Siemens Generators! 
  • Services provided by non-certified contractors will void your warranty according to the manufacturers.


Included in our maintenance contracts is a twice annual service visit for your system to keep it running smoothly and effortlessly, including a complete oil and filter change. 

AND...you save significant money on your annual maintenance and oil change with a maintenance contract in place!

NOTE: Initial Service charges apply. Priority service is guaranteed and discounted pricing on required repairs.

Learn more about a Bornstein Sons maintenance contract for your Generator.
Proper maintenance will keep your generator running and in tip-top shape before the next power outage.


Note: a 5 Year extended warranty must be purchased prior to the one-year anniversary of the installation.
(This is Generac's strict ruling, not our company!)

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