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  1. Prevent a flood: Check your sump pumps and back up systems prior to rainy seasons or sever weather to ensure optimum performance and avoid mechanical failure. Emergency back-up Marine batteries should be replaced every two (2) years. We reccomend heavy duty professional quality pumps and suggest you have them checked annually by a licensed plumber.
  2. Think healthy! Whole house or single fixture filtration system replacement cartridges should be changed on a quarterly basis. Save our planet by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles purchased. Install a water filtration system.
  3. Avoid frozen outdoor pipes! As the seasons change we recommend the winterization of your outdoor hose faucets, and pool cabanas as well as the re-opening of these fixtures for the spring/summer months.
  4. Caution first! Show everyone in your family the location of the main shut off valve to your home as well as emergency shut-off valves for separate fixtures, particularly toilets, kitchen sinks and bathroom basins. Don’t see one? Consider installing these valuable devices to minimize flooding.
  5. Avoid water damage: Inspect your washing machine hoses regularly. Consider replacing them with heavy duty braided metal hoses. Rubber hoses have an average life span of five (5) years. Water damage from these burst hoses can be extensive. According to the Institute of Business and Home Safety these leaks are in the top 5 source of preventable leaks.
  6. Efficiency=Savings! We recommend that you have your air conditioning and heating comfort systems serviced twice annually to maintain peak performance. In the same manner as you maintain your automobile to increase its longevity, likewise caring for your comfort equipment will pay you back in steadfast performance for years to come!
  7. Help your AC Unit work better! Be sure to keep garden mulch and shrubbery away from your outdoor air conditioning condensing unit so that air will circulate around the unit to maximize efficiency.
  8. A quandary for many homeowners: We recommend that you do not completely cover your outdoor air conditioning condensing unit; it will cause condensation and rusting to the outdoor unit.
  9. Annual maintenance= Savings and Eextra Comfort! Warm air (ducted) heating and cooling systems with disposable air filters should be maintained on a monthly basis. A blocked filter will cause excessive energy consumption, obstruct air flow resulting in discomfort or severely reduced air flow and system failure. Likewise, a clean filter can save upwards of 5% on energy consumption. Create an easy to remember schedule of changing your filter and stick to it! Be sure your system is turned off first!
  10. Be Energy-Savvy Raising the temperature setting (during summer months) or lowering the temperature setting (during winter months) in your home during peak weather by 1 degree will save energy consumption by approximately 8%. Consider a digital set-back thermostat during unoccupied hours. Raising the temperature slightly after midnight and automatically lowering it prior to your every-day wake up time during air conditioning season OR Lowering the temperature slightly after midnight and automatically raising it prior to your every-day wake up time during heating season will achieve similar results. It all adds up!

    Reduce our oil dependency: With ever-rising oil costs and dependency, the time to convert to clean, reliable gas-fired equipment is NOW!


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