Improve your Indoor Air Quality with a Trane CleanEffects™ Electronic Air Cleaner


How clean is the air in your home?



Bornstein Sons can install an Electronic Air Cleaner to keep pollutants out of your home. 

Bornstein Sons installs Trane Clean Effects ™ electronic air cleaners in northern and north central NJ homes and businesses.

Study results show that the air in your home may be 5 times more polluted than the outside environment. 

If you don't have proper filtration within your home, your lungs will take place of that filter. Not a pleasant thought!

Because our homes today are better insulated than in previous decades, airborne particulates are being trapped in your home causing breathing difficulties to those that suffer from allergies and asthma.


Is it time for Trane Clean Effects™ in your home?

Bornstein Sons can install a Trane Clean Effects ™ electronic air cleaner in your home or office!

It's all about clean air...Yours!
  • Nearly 72 trillion particles enter the home every day and remain airborne
  • The average home generates 40 pounds of dust for each 1500 square feet of space
    • This dust remains trapped in your home!
  • One ounce of dust can contain 40,000 dust mites - one of the most common household allergens

Here are some details about Clean Effects ™:

  • Trane Clean Effects ™ removes up to 99.98% of allergens - amazing!
  • Traps allergens as small in size as .1 microns
  • Up to 100 times more effective than standard 1inch filters
  • Reduces dust by nearly 50%
  • Verified performance by the Harvard School of Public Health

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Trane Clean Effects™ delivers incredible airflow 
 and performs's that simple!  

CADR measures not only the efficiency with which particles are removed from filtered air, but also the rate at which clean air is delivered to your living space.


Whole House
5-inch Media Filter
Whole House
Air Cleaner
Clean Effects™
Typical in-room
One-inch Filter
Typical Room
HEPA Appliance
Whole House
5-inch Media Filter
Whole House
Air Cleaner
Clean Effects™

Statistics courtesy of Trane
(CADR is the Clean Air Delivery Rate)

Bornstein Sons can help you with our indoor air quality.
Schedule the installation of a Trane Clean Effects™ electronic air cleaner today!

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