Got a Sump Pump in your NJ home?
Here's why you need a BackUp Sump Pump System!


Does your Sump Pump have a backup plan?

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BornsteinSonsinstallsbackupsumppumpsSump Pumps are electrical devices installed in a pit in your home. With the intent of removing excess water after periods of rainfall, melting snow, or in areas where there is a high water table, sump pumps must be checked by a professional to insure they are working properly. Alas, like any other appliance, sump pumps have a limited lifetime and may fail when you need them most!

Water-Powered BackUp Pumps take over if your main sump pump fails. Because a Water BackUp Sump Pump is powered by high pressure water from your domestic plumbing system, thje loss of electricity does not impact its performance.

This is particularly helpful in areas of New Jersey that often lose electrical power during storms. It is highly unlikely that a situation would occur resulting in a loss of water; however we can't be assured that New Jersey homeowners wouldn't lose electrical power during a storm.  This type of pump is meant to be used with city water, not well water.

After suffering the devastating damage of a flood, you should consider a BackUp Sump Pump system.


Avoid a Flood...    Get a BackUp Sump Pump Today!


  • Backup sump pumps should be tested twice annually (an easy task for the homeowner, ask us how) or Schedule a BackUp Sump Pump test with one of our other services  
  • In today's world, there is concern about cyber-attacks. In such a situation, activity such as this could in fact cause the grid to go off-line. We feel a water powered backup pump is the ideal solution.

Simple maintenance is all you need after the installation of a water powered back-up sump pump. No batteries to be changes, and therefore no handling and disposal of batteries. A simple test to insure it's operation a few times a year is all you need. 

If your electricity fails, so will  your sump pump! 
You'll be glad you installed a water powered backup system for your NJ home.  

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